Hello! It’s Nice To Meet You.

I am a wife and mom loving the people of Southeast Asia. Jesus and my family are the two things I love more than coffee, and I’m a shameless introvert at heart. I love the grit and perseverance it takes to see something succeed and I will eliminate all “live, laugh, love” signs if at all possible. I have seen immense suffering in my time on the field and have fought hard for vibrancy in my faith. I am passionate about paving the way for Christians to relight the fire that once existed in their journey with Jesus, no matter where they live.

Where Did It All Begin?

I found myself loving art as a frizzy-haired school girl but couldn’t connect how that would satisfy my desire to help people. In 2014, I graduated with my nursing degree, only to quickly realize that I desired to create art. In 2016, I became a full time artist, and in 2017, my dreamy husband and I moved to Asia.

Why Does It Matter?

I quickly began to see and experience the healing power art could have on a heart as I spent time creating with people in the Himalayas. Pairing art with God’s truth helped me see the Lord in a more vibrant and intimate way. The hope I found in Christ is what I want to display in my life and through my art.

Fun Things I Think You Should Know:

I graduated with a degree in nursing.

It wasn’t until I had been a pediatric nurse for three years that I realized I wanted to paint with people instead of prick them! I still use my knowledge to help with health initiatives globally, but my passions have changed to creating art with people around the world.

I hate flying and despise airports.

Even though we’ve lived overseas for quite some time, there is nothing that incites anxiety like a good ole airport. While I love traveling, I am counting down the days until teleportation is a real thing!

My husband makes my coffee every morning.

I married my best friend in 2014 and am still swooning over him today. Not only does he make my coffee, but he’s the best dad, life of the party, and still finds time to organize all of my chaos! He’s one of those silent world-changers, giving all the glory to God.

I published a book about our move to Asia.

Unintentionally, I found myself illustrating our dog in Asia - trying new food, missing home, and making friends. After sharing it with my husband, we received a publishing deal and were able to release our children’s book RIVERS OVERSEAS in 2019. You can buy it on Amazon!

We are from Birmingham, Alabama.

Being born and raised in the South was pretty sweet, and I still love a good plate of black eyed peas and fried chicken. Find us using “y’all” and watching football on Saturdays - no matter the time zone.

We have a wild boy and a sweet toddler.

Our world seems to revolve around these two littles and we love it. Whether it’s reciting dinosaur species or ripping our house apart to find toys, we are in full-force parent mode over here.

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